Ty MacCarty is a Co-Founder of Running Iron Creative. He hails from Sheridan, Wyoming, one of the last strongholds of the great American West. He is truly a child of the wild and grew up riding horses and exploring the mountains of northern Wyoming, which created a lasting bond with nature. He is a born creative that yearns for adventure and is always in search of new and beautiful places to explore.

Ty comes from a long line of creative thinkers and was exposed to photography from a young age. In his early twenties, he delved into the world of filmmaking.

What started as a dream shared by him and long time friend Rob Jornayvaz turned into an international production company based on the leading edge of their respective world. Horseplay quickly grew and turned into the worldwide leader in polo related editing and filming and truly changed how people viewed the sport. As company acclaim grew, so did the diversity in the projects they were working on. Suddenly 60 Minutes and National Geographic were on the doorstep looking for the access and footage from a world that Horseplay could provide. The young company was on the map.

Ty is a man of vision and action. His thirst for knowledge and passion for progress keep him securely situated as a pack leader and somebody the internal team and client base trust and look up to.

He is self-taught in the art of film, proving his ability to problem solve on the fly. No challenge is too complex or daunting for Ty, the only limitation is how far he can push his own creativity. He brings a lighthearted, but diligent work ethic to every endeavor...which is often contagious.

He is an avid outdoorsman, spending any free time exploring nature. Skiing in winter and backpacking and climbing during the warmer months.