Hailing from Denver, CO, 27 yr old Henri Halle is easily one of the kindest and most gentle souls that you will ever hope to meet...and a talented son of a gun. You meet people in life that have the “right” vibe. Henri is one of those guys.

A creative virtuoso with words and visuals, you can always count on Henndog to understand and capture the shot, write the perfect script and most importantly, flow well with the team while always making big things happen. Henri’s background as a filmmaker and lifelong student of his craft allows him to excel on the Running Iron team. He pushes his own comfort zones, is a damn good teacher and is addicted to learning and mastering his crafts...all of them...personal and professional. He is very good at listening, observing, processing that information, and then giving you the right advise. He is good at putting himself from an audience point of view to understand where could be a gap or the flaw on the direction of the storytelling.

Photography and videography are part of his job. The cool thing though, is that when Henri isn't “working”, he's still doing those same things (that's passion baby!)...but usually doing them while scaling a mountain wall, ripping his mountain bike or searching for fresh stashes of Pow to ski. Family and friends are the pillars of Henri's existence. He has a strong moral compass and is a leader amongst peers. My fondest memories are the ones where we are adventuring...both on the job and in our free time. Whether in the trenches or at the tap house, Henri is who you want next to ya. he would be a chill black lab dog in his re-incarnation.