The goal was to introduce new people to the oldest team sport in the world.

Our team created a one day festival in order to rebrand polo, and shake free from the boundaries of polo tradition. We broke the mold with this one, with over 9,000 people in attendance seeing and interacting with the game like never before.

Our team not only built this music festival from the ground up, but we also created all of the promotional video content for the event.
We designed the event promotion strategy executed in the months leading up to the event.
Our team created all of the promotional material (video, images, graphic), which sold 9,000 tickets to our event.
We managed advertising distribution on all social media platforms, as well as traditional forms of advertising, like print, television and radio.
We coordinated a grass-roots program to promote the event that included dozens of influencers in the Denver area.
Our team produced and managed live promotion throughout the city of Denver with innovative ideas such as a horse statue that was driven around town and tied into a social media campaign.
Additionally to all the pre-event promotional content, we created 9 hours of educational and entertainment video content, which aired on screens throughout the festival grounds.
We also managed a live broadcast of the polo match
Once the event was all over, we created video content that recapped the event. 

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