PoloChannel is a “niche” online community focused on the athletes, horses, and stories within polo around the world. It is an example of how our team can build meaningful audiences that continually engage with a brand over time.

We grew this community organically through multiple social media channels by consistently delivering engaging content and stories.

We made videos that were exciting and engaging to go viral and show the sport to new people.

Cinema String (Horse Cam)

Polo Channel is a project where we really explore our creativity by filming in completely new ways. For example: from a horse like no one had ever seen. In polo a player has a “string” of horses, thus  “cinema-string” was created.

Western Polo

This is an example of the true stories that our team uncovered throughout the polo world, in order to engage our followers in a meaningful way. Our team showed the side of a sport that has traditionally only been viewed as high class and exclusive. We captured a culture that most people didn’t know existed within polo. This video was viewed over 250,000 times.

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