Legend of the Running Iron

Legend of the Running Iron

The goal for this project was to tell the story of the Running Iron, giving our creative capabilities free reins. The legend of this tool exemplifies our ethos for refining brands with integrity.
The Running Iron exemplifies the spirit of the west and work ethic of the cowboy. A running iron is a special type of branding iron that can be used to create any brand or alter an existing brand for cattle. For this reason it was often used by cattle rustlers to alter the brands of stolen cattle and it wasn’t completely unheard of to shoot someone on sight who was caught carrying a running iron.
Conversely it was an ultimate show of trust to allow someone to carry a running iron on your ranch or around your community. Legend has it that those skilled in the use of a running iron could create cleaner brands with a running iron than those made possible with a conventional stamp brand.

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