The Legend of the Running Iron: How to Direct a Video Production in a Western Setting

The video project “Legend of the Running Iron'' was created by our team to overview the history behind the name of our company. The goal was to concisely explain what a running iron is and what this relic represented in the old west. During this production our team wanted to push ourselves creatively by incorporating new equipment and techniques into our production process. 

In this behind the scenes video I explore the process that it took to create the video and show some of the trial and tribulations we encountered on the shoot. I break down the goals of each scene and show how our crew pushed our capabilities to achieve a new level of cinematography for our company.

We pride ourselves on working together as a small efficient crew that keeps the stoke high even in the toughest situations. In most productions something is going to go wrong and it will test the will power of your team. It’s in these moments that the true colors of each person involved are revealed. I was personally very proud of our team on this shoot when things didn’t work out the way we planned. In these moments everyone jumped in to help in order to complete the goal of the project in the best possible way. 

I hope you enjoy watching how our team works together and would love to hear any feedback or advice. We are all mostly self-taught filmmakers and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our production process.

  • December 2020


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